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Enhance the look of your space with high-quality closet shelving and organizers from Cabinets of Sarasota.

Closet shelving and organizers come with a variety of useful features that can help you eliminate clutter in your space. They store a wide variety of household items, such as clothing, utensils, light equipment, and even food. By installing them, you put every square inch of your property to good use.

With numerous ready-made design options available, you have tons of closet shelving and organizers to choose from. You can even have them customized to ensure that they suit your preferences, interests, and needs. Either way, closet organizers and shelves are sure to spiff up your space.

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we provide top-notch closet shelving and organizers to residents, business owners, and contractors in Florida. We offer products manufactured by Cope Closet Concepts, a brand known for providing beautiful, durable, and functional hand-crafted hardwood shelving.

Cope Closet Concepts

Cope Closet Concepts has been in the industry since 1993. They have been manufacturing fine hardwood closet shelving and organizers. Having been known for their proven track record of offering superior quality products and customer services, you can never go wrong with choosing them.

All the components of closet shelving and organizers from Cope Closet Concepts are made of 100% domestic Ashwood lumber, a highly durable type of wood. It’s the same wood type used for making baseball bats, so you can rest assured that the products you’re going to get are durable and will last long.


Here are some of the closet shelving and organizer designs manufactured by Cope Closet Concepts:
Closet Shelving
When it comes to complete closet shelving systems, you have three exceptional designs to choose from:
Closet Organizers
If you’re looking for the perfect enhancement for closet shelving, organizers are the best way forward. This product allows you to choose from various features, including drawer front styles, drawer configurations, hamper unit options, and door options. You can opt for your own closet design to find the best combination of style and function.

Color Finishes

The all-wood closet shelving and organizers that we offer are available in different colors. There are simple, elegant, and natural colors for you to choose from, including:
Cope Closets - Natural Color Finish


Cope Closets - Picket Fence Color Finish

Picket Fence

Cope Closets - Nutmeg Color Finish.


Cope Closets - Driftwood Color Finish


Cope Closets - Walnut Color Finish


Cope Closets - Mahogany Color Finish


Cope Closets - Frost Color Finish


Cope Closets - Pearl Color Finish


Cope Closets - Brandy Color Finish


Cope Closets - Cinnamon Color Finish


Cope Closets - Seashell Color Finish.


Warranty and Maintenance

At Cabinets of Sarasota, not only do we ensure the quality of the products we provide, but we also make our customers’ investments worth it. We provide warranty service for the closet shelving and organizer we source from Cope Closet Concepts.

Warranty Service

Here are some important things to remember regarding our warranty service:

Warranty Coverage

Cope Closet Concepts uses top-notch quality materials for their closet shelving and organizers. However, these products are still not immune to normal wear and tear over time. Our warranty service doesn’t cover:


To ensure that your closet shelving and organizers remain in tip-top shape, here are some useful tips to follow:

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Why Choose Cope Closet Concepts

Cope Closet Concepts is dedicated to providing closet shelving and organizers built to the highest standards. All the products they provide undergo testing to ensure that they have superior quality.

Additionally, they’re also mindful of their responsibility to the environment and the local community. They use environmentally friendly, low-VOC products when manufacturing wood products.

Some of the shelving and organizer components, such as braces and connectors, they use are made of stock or excess materials from the production. The waste from their manufacturing processes is also donated to non-profit organizations.

For instance, sawdust is donated to Mikell Camp and Conference Center for summer camping purposes. Scrap wood is also donated to Stephens County Habitat for Humanity, which then sells it as kindling at their local thrift store.

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