About Cabinets of Sarasota

A close-up of the Cope Closet Concept Wood closet with dresses, boxes, and purses on their racks

Add character and texture to your space with gorgeous, durable, and functional cabinetry from Cabinets of Sarasota.

Storage is necessary to keep your space looking clean and neat and feeling refreshing and calming. Organized cupboards and neatly done shelving not only improve the function of your space but also enhance the appeal of your interiors. They can also improve the value of your property over time.

However, installing a few cabinets or creating a large walk-in closet is not enough to achieve maximum functionality and aesthetics. Cabinetry and closets should be thoughtfully designed and intentionally built to fit a variety of styles, spaces, tastes, and budgets. Well-crafted storage allows your home or office to reach its full potential.

Cabinets of Sarasota provides residents, businesses, and contractors access to high-quality and stunning cabinets, closets, and shelving customized for various needs and interests. We work with reliable brands to offer products made of industry-grade materials and designed with stylish finishes and cutting-edge features.

Who We Are

Cabinets of Sarasota has been a trusted dealer of outdoor and indoor cabinetry since 2020. Our products are sourced from Cope Closet Cabinetry, WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry, and Valleywood Cabinetry.

Over time, we have developed an eye for detail. Our team can help you choose the best cabinets, closet organizers, and shelving for your space. With the variety of products we offer, you are sure to transform your property.

A close-up of the Daytona Dock Brown Cabinet with a grill stove and kitchen utensils.
close-up of kitchen sink and a brown cabinet.

What We Want to Accomplish

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we are committed to delivering quality on every product we offer. We believe that well-designed and well-built storage spaces greatly impact our customers’ lifestyles. As such, we continuously strive to:

1. Exceed Industry Standard

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we exceed industry standards by leveraging the highest-quality materials and sleekest cabinetry design. When you purchase products from us, you can be confident that you are offered meticulous craftsmanship from a team of experts who pour their passion into focusing on every detail of your custom piece.

2. Represent Exceptional Brands

Cabinets of Sarasota works closely with manufacturers who are proven leaders in the industry. We support and promote their brands because we have witnessed how they carefully select the materials they use, efficiently produce long-lasting products, and beautifully create unique cabinetry designs.

3. Offer High-Quality Products at Reasonable Pricing

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we give residents, businesses, and contractors access to high-quality cabinets offered at reasonable pricing. We do this by reducing the added costs of showroom marketing and directly communicating with our clients the material, finish, and design they want for their custom cabinetry.

Why Choose Us

Cabinets of Sarasota has been offering an impressive range of storage solutions, both stylish and practical, since 2020. Whether for a simple upgrade or a complete renovation, we have the best products and services to perfectly complement all sizes, styles, and spaces of home or office. Here’s how we remain top-of-the-line:
As we know that every home or office has different types of style and layout, we make sure to offer products that can accommodate our customers’ diverse cabinetry needs. We’ll discuss with you the design you envision for your space as well as give helpful insight to take your design goal to newer heights.
Aside from years of experience, our customers’ feedback proves that we offer quality products. We work closely with expert builders, artisans, and manufacturers who have access to the necessary knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and high-quality materials to construct custom cabinets of all sizes, styles, and shapes.
At Cabinets of Sarasota, we make sure that every component of our custom cabinetry, from the hinges, drawers, and frames, to the nails and screws, is carefully designed to create aesthetic and sturdy cabinets. We use only materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.
A close-up of Miami Bluff Beige Cabinet.
A close-up of a cope closet concepts baby wardrobe.

What Our Clients Say

"I ordered my kitchen cabinets from them and I am very pleased with their services, the cabinets are beautiful and exactly what I had in mind for my kitchen, I would recommend them to everyone for their cabinets needs."

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Ensure optimal organization and aesthetic appeal with professionally customized cabinets, closets, and shelving. We don’t only pride ourselves on offering quality cabinets but also on providing excellent customer service. For inquiries about how our products can transform your space, feel free to reach out to us today.