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Spruce up your outdoor living space with top-shelf quality outdoor cabinetry from Cabinets of Sarasota.

Outdoor cabinets offer plenty of great benefits, from customization to convenience. They serve as a functional amenity that provides storage for different items, such as gardening tools, small outdoor cushions, grilling equipment, shoes, slippers, and hazardous substances that shouldn’t be kept indoors.

With the fast-advancing technology, outdoor cabinets now offer both aesthetics and functionality. There are now tons of customization options and layout choices to choose from, so you are sure to find outdoor cabinetry that suits your preferences and interests.

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we offer quality outdoor cabinetry to business owners, contractors, and residents in different areas of the Sunshine State. We provide WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry, an extremely durable product from Ideal Cabinetry. This trusted manufacturer has been in the industry for more than four decades.

WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry

Ideal Cabinetry has been providing cabinets for construction and renovation projects. They manufacture WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry using a waterproof, 3/4-inch-thick, All-Weatherboard™ composite material.

With its construction, WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry has the ability to withstand harsh elements and extreme outdoor weather conditions, such as pouring rain, hot summers, and cold, snowy winters.


When you invest in WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry, there are four uniquely appealing designs for you to choose from:
Door Style Daytona Design.


It features flat panel doors with a cottage-inspired center panel design that includes routed, extended stiles.

Door Style Miami Design.


It features flat panel doors for a modern, clean, organic, and sleek look that easily meshes in with any home outdoor décor.

Door Style Sanibel Design.


It features flat panel doors with a routed, Shaker-inspired center panel design that includes extended stiles.

Door Style Tampa Design.


It features flat panel doors with a louver-inspired center panel design that includes routed, extended stiles.

Some of the other impressive features that make WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry exceptional include:

Color Finishes

As for the color finishes, you have a broad array to choose from, including:

Designer Wood Grain Finishes
Designer Wood Grain - Whitewash Color Finish.


Designer Wood Grain - Dark Ash Color Finish.

Dark Ash

Designer Wood Grain - Weatherwood Color Finish.


Designer Wood Grain - Teak Color Finish.


Designer Wood Grain - Mahogany Color Finish.


Designer Solid Finishes
Designer Solid Finishes - Shell White Color Finish.

Shell White

Designer Solid Finishes - Shoreline Gray Color Finish.

Shoreline Gray

Bluff Beige Color Finish.

Bluff Beige

Designer Solid Finishes - Dock Brown Color Finish.

Dock Brown

Designer Solid Finishes - Pitch Black Color Finish.

Pitch Black

COS - Designer Solid Finishes - Reef Blue

Reef Blue

You can contact us at Cabinets of Sarasota for bespoke color finishes. We’ll get back to you quickly.

Warranty and Maintenance

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we make our customers’ investments worth it. We provide quality warranty service for WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry.

Warranty Service

Here are some important things to know about our warranty service:

Warranty Coverage

While Ideal Cabinetry utilizes high-quality materials and conducts stringent testing for finish endurance, WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry may still obtain wear and tear over time. Our warranty service is limited to cabinet doors, shelves, drawers, and carcass and does not cover the following:


To ensure that your WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry remains in optimal condition, follow these tips:

For cabinets installed in oceanfront environments, here are some tips to follow:

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Why Choose WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry

WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry is constructed with a fast-cure, solvent-free, structural marine adhesive system and precision dowel alignment to ensure optimum bond strength, toughness, and flexibility.

Ideal Cabinetry has been providing top-notch quality cabinets for more than 40 years. They have extensive experience in constructing outdoor cabinets known for exceptional aesthetics, impressive durability, and longevity.

Beyond offering quality outdoor cabinets and fast shipping, Ideal Cabinetry also understands the value of providing excellent customer service. You can rely on them when it comes to prioritizing your needs and preferences.

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"I ordered my kitchen cabinets from them and I am very pleased with their services, the cabinets are beautiful and exactly what I had in mind for my kitchen, I would recommend them to everyone for their cabinets needs."

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