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Bring class and sophistication to your space by investing in premium quality closet systems.

Every property is different, and it’s for this reason that it can sometimes be challenging to find the right storage solution that works perfectly well for any style and space. Custom closets and cabinetry offer this unique advantage of maximizing space, regardless of size, shape, and dimension.

By customizing storage systems, every nook and cranny of your home or office can be put to good use. Aside from allowing optimum utility, custom-made closets can also transform your space. They come in different designs, colors, and finishes, so you can always find the best custom closet that suits your unique style.

Cabinets of Sarasota is a trusted provider of stylish and functional custom closets in Lakewood Ranch. Our products are from Cope Closet Concepts, a brand known for offering durable closet organizers and shelving made of responsibly sourced domestic hardwood.

Why Let Professionals Custom-Build Your Closets

When choosing storage systems, such as closets, you want to ensure they are professionally designed, crafted, and installed to meet your storage needs as well as enhance the overall look of your space.

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we believe that your need for organized and beautiful storage space is as important as anything else. As such, we partner with Cope Closet Concepts to ensure that we offer you closet organizers and shelving built to the highest standard. Here’s why you should opt for our premium quality closets in Lakewood Ranch, FL:

1. Expertise in the Field

As professionals who have been in the industry for many years, closet designers, builders, and dealers know what type of storage system works for your space. They know the right accessories, decorative hardware, lighting options, paint colors, and finishes needed to produce an effective custom closet design.

Cabinets of Sarasota has gained extensive expertise in helping residents, businesses, and contractors choose the perfect custom closets in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We do this by assessing your storage needs and helping you choose a design that works flawlessly with your goals and lifestyle.

2. Guaranteed Craftsmanship

Nothing compares to the quality of craftsmanship achieved with professionally customized closets and cabinetry. When you get your closet customized, you can ensure every detail, from the frames to the sliders and hinges, is made to meet your specific needs.

At Cabinets of Sarasota, our expert team believes that your custom-built closet organizers and shelving are a good investment that you will benefit from in the long run. For this reason, we make sure that we only offer your strong, durable, and long-lasting closets in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

3. Great Warranty Services

Dealing with repair and replacement can be challenging. However, when you purchase superior quality products from reliable brands, you have the assurance that they are free from any cosmetic defects. Trusted brands also offer quality warranty services in case you encounter problems with your closets along the way.

Cabinets of Sarasota offers quality warranty services with the assurance of excellent customer service. Should you need help regarding our custom closets in Lakewood Ranch, FL, our expert team is more than happy to answer your inquiries and assist you in processing a warranty claim.

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Why Choose Cabinets of Sarasota

Cabinets of Sarasota has been providing residential and commercial property owners with premium quality, custom closets since 2020. Our line of closet shelving and organizers comes from Cope Closet Concepts, a brand that offers handcrafted products created through eco-friendly manufacturing and excellent workmanship. Here’s why our closet designs in Lakewood Ranch remain one-of-a-kind:

1. Expert Design Services

Well-designed custom cabinets can improve the look and functionality of your space. At Cabinets of Sarasota, we can help you find the best closet system built to enhance the appeal of your space and help make organizing more efficient and easier for you. Having been in the industry since 2020, we have learned the ins and outs of choosing the best closet organizers and shelving.

2. Personalized Closet System

Cabinets of Sarasota offers high-quality closets and cabinetry customized to fit you and your unique lifestyle. Whether you plan to upgrade or completely renovate your space, you can be confident that our custom closets are built to your exact needs. From the materials used, paint color, and design, we guarantee more personalized closet designs in Lakewood Ranch.

3. Reasonable Pricing

At Cabinets of Sarasota, we believe that saving more does not always mean compromising product quality. Our unique approach to showcasing our products allows us to offer top-notch quality closets and cabinetry at reasonable pricing. When it comes to providing you with durable and reasonably priced closets in Lakewood Ranch, you can count on us.

What Our Clients Say

"I ordered my kitchen cabinets from them and I am very pleased with their services, the cabinets are beautiful and exactly what I had in mind for my kitchen, I would recommend them to everyone for their cabinets needs."

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